Hampstead Hoax Perpetrators….

Here are the main protagonists involved in the Hampstead Hoax…..

Christine Ann Sands

Christine Ann Sands is the loud American lady that can be seen in many YouTube videos standing outside the church in Hampstead shouting about “fucking and eating babies” while there are men, women and children entering and leaving  the church and surrounding area.

A despicable character with seemingly no sense of common decency.

Ved Chaudhari

Ved Chaudhari also goes by the name of Neelu Berry. This woman is completely insane!

Here is what she posted on her Facebook Timeline recently:

Ved Facebook

In the four years I have been involved with the Hollie Greig case, I have never seen any evidence that Hollie ever alleged she was “made to do sex with a dog.” There is certainly nothing of such in Hollies’ official Police transcripts and I’m pretty sure Anne Greig would be horrified by such allegations…..

Then again, perhaps not……

Ved has already been discredited by other Hampstead campaigners by exaggerating the numbers of alleged abused children (200).

In one YouTube video she claims to have arrested a number of judges, but can’t quite remember all their names….(probably the meds.)

Then of course we have the usual suspects……


Belinda McKenzie is the Gate Keeper of the “Highgate Hub” – To date she refuses to reveal who destroyed the accounts of the charity “Iran Aid” in which she played a fundamental part. The Charities Commission shut down Iran Aid on July 22nd 1998.

Belinda was the fund raiser for the Hollie Demands Justice campaign and supporter of Ann Greig’s spokesperson, Robert Green. Green finally pleaded guilty to campaigning, slandering and libelling innocent people. He also admitted his actions over the years had caused pain and damage to innocent peoples lives.

Belinda has since closed the website she regularly posted on http://freerobertgreen.co.uk/

Currently there is an on-going war between Christine Ann Sands, Ved Chaudhair, Belinda McKenzie and many on-line Hampstead campaigners who hate Sands and consider her to be a Government Agent.

Ved and Belinda, adore her and continue to support her regardless what the other campaigners say. It’s also interesting to note that Anonymous have released videos saying Sands is a Government Agent and not to be trusted.

To me, she simply seems to be yet another narcissistic, deranged individual.

UK Column

Brian Gerrish and his team at The UK Column need no introduction. To date they continue to publicise the Hollie Greig campaign regardless of  the mountain of evidence clearly showing the case was a hoax, or Green’s guilty plea.

In my next post I’ll be outing some of the on-line campaigners of whom some have made the journey to London to support those campaigning directly outside the Church in Hampstead.

Have a pleasant evening.




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